The PinHole Technique can rejuvenate your smile. Patients love it because its quick, easy, scalpel free and suture free!

There has been quite a lot of chatter on the internet and the news media about a revolutionary method of reversing gum recession called the Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST) We constantly have people calling us who have heard about PST after finding us on the web and learning we were one of the first practices to offer this procedure which can reverse gum recession without incisions, sutures or the need to take tissue from other sites as grafts. The response from our patients who have had this procedure is always one of amazement at the immediate results and the relative ease of the experience. This has changed the way we look at gum recession because of how much easier and faster the process is for our patients.

The question most often asked is, “What is the difference between PST and the traditional method of dealing with gum recession?”

If you are one who has noticed a tooth seems longer then another, or there’s an unsightly discoloration at your gum line, often that is the most obvious sign of gum recession, which can directly lead to eventual tooth loss. In the past, a periodontist would be limited to a small section at a time because of the need to harvest tissue from another site and a limit as to how much tissue could be taken without creating too large a wound. This would mean two surgical sites with sutures to remove at a subsequent appointment as well as multiple surgeries.

PST is best comparable to arthroscopic surgery. A pinhole size opening below the gum allows me, with special instruments, to move tissue to cover the exposed roots, and maintain it in position without the need for sutures. This brilliant approach was invented by Dr. John Chao who trained me to perform this procedure.

This has been one of my most gratifying times as a practicing periodontist because of how I have been able to offer something to my patients that was previously too difficult or unachievable. If you or someone you know has receding gums, please visit my website: or call my office, (310) 274-1428 for more information.