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I am still seeing repercussions from the news report several months ago from England saying that “flossing your teeth had no proven benefit” since there was “no published research” or “evidence based studies” to support its use. Coming from the UK, a nation not known for flawless smiles, this news report should never had been […]

The PinHole Technique can rejuvenate your smile. Patients love it because its quick, easy, scalpel free and suture free!

There has been quite a lot of chatter on the internet and the news media about a revolutionary method of reversing gum recession called the Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST) We constantly have people calling us who have heard about PST after finding us on the web and learning we were one of the first practices […]

Keep Flossing…

In case you didn’t hear the latest mind boggling news, the following is an excellent example of how common sense is over ruled by bureaucrats who are scientifically illiterate and incapable of thinking: The British Dental Society concluded that flossing your teeth wasn’t necessary because there were “insufficient studies demonstrating its benefits.” That’s like saying we need more […]

June Blog

Proactive Patients Do Better in the Long Run Study after study shows the connections between the health of the oral environment and the rest of the body. Yet, as a whole, dentistry referred more patients to the periodontist in the last 15 years of the last century than we have in the first 15 years […]

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