I am still seeing repercussions from the news report several months ago from England saying that “flossing your teeth had no proven benefit” since there was “no published research” or “evidence based studies” to support its use. Coming from the UK, a nation not known for flawless smiles, this news report should never had been taken too seriously. Human nature being what it is saw many people latching on to this wonderful news that the chore of flossing was no longer necessary.

There’s no question that flossing makes a huge difference in your oral health.  Gum disease is almost always an inevitable consequence of not flossing. Further, we now have many studies that show a strong correlation between gum disease and medical conditions such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, premature births, stroke, cancer, osteoporosis, respiratory disease and premature births.  Examples can be found on the Academy of Periodontics website and

But not all floss is created equal.  Avoid the flavored and thick types of floss and stick to the thin, unwaxed versions that will do a significantly better job of removing the bacterial film or “plaque” that adheres to the teeth. You can actually feel the difference if you experiment with both.  Do not ever rely on the water jet devices to replace floss. When used improperly they can do damage to your gums! Please feel free to call us if you ever have any questions about any of this. 310-274-1428. Please encourage your loved ones to floss daily for their health sake!